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Adaptrade Software has made a series of articles on market trading techniques available to the public. These articles cover topics in systematic trading, trading strategy development, position sizing, money management, trading system analysis, and other technical methods of trading.

The articles listed under "Trading Articles" are brief articles in html format. The "White Papers" are longer, more in-depth reports, either in html or PDF format.

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Articles About Adaptrade Builder

See how a hedge fund founder and trader used a unique approach with Builder to create robust trading strategies: Developing Trading Strategies With Synthetic Data.

Read Italian? See the review of Builder in the May 2013 issue of TRADERS' Mag Italia.

Read how Builder was used to develop an intraday gold trading strategy in the July 2011 issue of TASC.


A discussion with Better Systems Trader of tools for strategy trading and trading system development, including Monte Carlo analysis, validation testing, and genetic programming, December 2015. Better Systems Trader #36 .

An interview with Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commmodities magazine, February 2018. Trading Systems With Michael Bryant .

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