Tomas Nesnidal


Owner of

Tomas is helping promote Adaptrade Builder and Market System Analyzer on his blog where you can also find more information about Tomas's trading approach and his trading strategies.

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Harrison Cai

Harrison Programming

Harrison provides custom programming services for TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms, especially his signature services of High-Level OrderTicket Trading Automation in TradeStation, which can help traders who automate their trading strategies to properly handle connectivity and restart issues in an automated trading environment.

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Nils Rognerud

Nils Rognerud

Are you interested in using Physics and Mathematical logic to solve complex problems in financial markets by using analytics and data science modeling skills?

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MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform supported by a wide variety of brokers for trading futures, stocks, forex, and other markets. Builder has been designed to generate strategy code that can be directly executed in the MultiCharts platform.

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