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Adaptrade Builder

Adaptrade Builder is an innovative trading strategy generator for active traders. It uses artificial intelligence to design and code original trading strategies based on your performance specifications. Builder can quickly discover, code, and test thousands of unique and complete trading strategies for popular trading platforms, saving you time and money. Includes Adaptrade Editor.

Adaptrade Editor main window

Adaptrade Editor

Adaptrade Editor is a point-and-click trading strategy editor that enables non-programmers to quickly code their trading ideas for TradeStation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7/8, MetaTrader 4, and AmiBroker. Select indicators, price patterns, neural network inputs, entry and exit order types, and other options and instantly see the corresponding strategy code in the code display window, which you can then copy to your trading platform.

Market System Analyzer (MSA) main window

Market System Analyzer (MSA)

MSA is a money management and portfolio analysis tool for traders. MSA makes advanced methods, such as position sizing optimization and Monte Carlo analysis, accessible to any trader. With MSA, your position sizing will be based on data-driven, back-tested results, tailored to your risk-based requirements. MSA can help you improve your trading.

Builder/Editor, MSA. The tools you need to be a better trader.

Recent Articles from Adaptrade Software

Strategy Cloning

When developing a trading strategy, our own biases and preconceived notions of how the markets trade (or how we think they should trade) often interfere with the process of finding a good strategy. Using a trading strategy generator, such as Adaptrade Builder is a good way to avoid introducing unhelpful biases into the build process. However, what if you already have a trading idea or an existing trading strategy you want to develop further? Is there a way to exploit the features of Adaptrade Builder when starting with an existing trading strategy?

A new feature of Builder, called strategy cloning, is intended for this scenario. This article discusses some of the use cases for strategy cloning and demonstrates how to use this new feature to effectively develop strategies based on an existing strategy or trading idea. The project files used for the example, as well as the strategy code, are available below.

How Does Strategy Cloning Work?

The basic idea of strategy cloning is simple. It copies the selected strategy and optionally introduces random changes to the copies, which are added to the main population. The menu item for the strategy cloning feature, which is available via the right-click (context) menu of the Build Results table, is shown below in Fig. 1. Any member of the main population can be selected; if you want to clone a member of the Top Strategies population, you can first copy it to the main population.