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User's Guide for Builder


Adaptrade Builder: Discover New Trading Strategies Without Coding


Is Adaptrade Builder Right for Me?

If you develop or plan to develop trading strategies (systems) for TradeStation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, MetaTrader 4, or AmiBroker, you could benefit from Adaptrade Builder. Developing an effective trading strategy the traditional way is not easy. Whether you do your own programming or hire someone else to implement your ideas, the development process is complicated and time consuming. Assuming you have a viable idea to start with, the first step is programming it and verifying that the code does what you want it to do. You then need to test it to see if it has potential. Unfortunately, most trading ideas simply don't work, which means more programming, more testing, and so on.

Many traders abandon the idea of developing their own strategy and opt to purchase one. While this can be effective, the drawbacks of this option include the fact that most trading systems are developed for a small number of markets and/or time frames (e.g., daily bars only). If you decide to trade a different market or time frame, you need to purchase another system. Also, markets can and do change over time, and even the best systems sometimes need re-optimization and/or modifications at some point in the future, which makes the initial investment in the system less cost-effective.

Adaptrade Builder was designed to address these problems. Builder automates the strategy development process. It outputs clean, complete code that includes rules and trading orders for entering the market, exiting at a profit, and exiting at a loss (e.g., money management stops). The strategy code is provided in open text file format for TradeStation (current versions or TS 2000i), MultiCharts, NinjaTrader 7 (NinjaScript code), MetaTrader 4 (MQL4 code), and AmiBroker (AFL code).




Read a detailed review of Builder in the Nov '11 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine.




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Great last couple weeks trading Builder systems on gold futures by the way!

C. D., Palo Alto, CA


Just wanted to let you know that I think the builder software is a very worthwhile, awesome tool. It is easy to use and it gives very nice equity curves. I have enjoyed using it very much.

R. W., Eugene, OR


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